I first visited Sihanoukville, Cambodia five years ago and while there I became aware of the plight of the beach children living there. One little girl in particular caught my attention. She earned her keep acting as a pair of eyes for her blind uncle who in turn scratched a living by singing songs for tourists and through begging. At the time I gave all I could, but after returning to the UK I decided to try and help in a more practical and extensive way.

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Last year I raised funds with a sponsored motorcycle ride across Cambodia. With this I purchased 300 colouring books and 300 felt tip pen sets and took these along with $600.00 dollars when I set out on my journey across Cambodia in February 2009. This time I paid for everything myself including the tickets, pens and colouring books and all the other fees came out of my own pocket from money saved working back in England.

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After arriving in Cambodia I first made my way to Phnom Penh and started out by making donations to the single street mums there. Then I made my way up to Siem Reap to river village and handed out colouring books and money donations to all the river houses there via a boat. On the next leg of my journey I made my way back down to Sihanoukville having completed the sponsored motorcycle trip. Here I handed out the remaining colouring books to the beach children on Ocheateal beach.