The area has lots of attractions to visit including numerous chateaus, lakes, rivers and medieval towns. For the more energetic amongst you, there are plenty of opportunities to undertake various sports including walking, fishing, golf, go-carting, horse riding, ballooning and kayaking.


There are many other charming towns in the area. Uzerche, built high on rock around a meander of the river Vezere, has many tourist attractions and some fine restaurants. Vigeois is a beautiful town with a lovely lake with a sandy beach for swimming, relaxing, pedaloes and picnics, etc. A visit to Pompadour, a fine equestrian town with a lovely chateau, is a must.War Village


The marta village of Oradour-Sur-Glane has remained the same since 1944 when the inhabitants were massacred by the occupying Nazi army who then set the village alight!



The village of Gimel les Cascades is located in a narrow valley. A small river, the Prade, goes through a series of impressive cascades, most of which are inside in a private property under the village. The owner of the castle and park where the cascades are located built a series of passages to enable easy access to the river, along with nicely chosen views such as this one. This is the first cascade, called Le grand saut (the great jump).













The buildings of Rocamadour rise in stages up the side of a cliff on the right bank of the Alzou, which here runs between rocky walls 400ft. in height. Flights of steps ascend from the lower town to the churches, a group of large buildings halfway up the cliff. The chief of them is the church of Notre Dame (1479), containing a wooden Black Madonna reputed to have been carved by St Amadour. The church opens onto a terrace called the Plateau of St Michel, where there is a broken sword said to be a fragment of Durandal, once wielded by the hero Roland. The interior walls of the church of St Sauveur are covered with paintings and inscriptions recalling the pilgrimages of celebrated persons. The subterranean church of St Amadour (1166) extends beneath St Sauveur and contains relics of the saint. On the summit of the cliff stands the château built in the middle Ages to defend the sanctuaries.













The Gouffre de Padirac is a spectacular cave complex on an impressive large scale.  Part of the trip is by gondola and the complete trip will take around one and a half hours. It is a very popular attraction so you are advised to get there first thing if at all possible to avoid the queues. It can also get quite chilly within the caves, so it would be advisable to take some warm clothing. You could combine this trip with a visit to Rocamadour.

Limoges which is 40kms away is well worth a visit.  It boasts riverbanks bursting with a history of the Vienne river, scattered with parks, playing areas, a climbing wall and beautiful views.  Leisure facilities include 5 swimming pools, a skating rink, an eighteen hole golf course of 55 hectares, gymnasiums, tennis courts and mountain bike trails. Places to see include St Etienne’s cathedral, Musee de l'Eveche where you can see displays of Renoir and the Adrian Dubouche Porcelin museum.